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We own 35 hectares of old vines- mainly garnacha and albillo - with some moscatel de grano menudo and red morenillo.  Some other different varieties are found in the vineyard, since replacements were done with available plants.

Our soils are tawny sands formed from decomposed granite rock, with relatively high acidity and limited amounts of nutrients.  Annual rainfall is around 628 mm per year.  Our vineyards have different orientations and sizes, from 500 square meters to 3 hectares, on slopes, hillsides and foothills.  Soils are shallow on the higher plots, which are over 830 meters above sea level. 


In the vineyard, we work the soils manually, and keep organic matter levels by addition of our own native cattle manure.   The only treatment used, if necessary, is a dust of copper and sulfur.  Winter and spring pruning and other fieldwork are done following moon phases, particularly in plots from which we elaborate single-vineyard wines.

Bunches are hand-harvested in small 12 kg cases.  Grapes are cooled for 24 hours to favor a pre-fermentative maceration and slower extraction.

Every plot is vinified separately in wooden tanks of different capacities.  Macerations are longer than 30 days in all our reds, before ageing in French oak barrels of various sizes as long as each wine needs. Very little new wood is employed.

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